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A New Pixel 6 Pro Leak Says The Display Is 120Hz & More

Following today’s earlier Pixel 6 report, a new leak has surfaced, with details that point to the refresh rate of the display on the Pixel 6 Pro. But there’s more to the leak than that. And it would appear that some of the details would corroborate earlier claims of certain specifications or features details.

According to this new leak, courtesy of XDA, the Pixel 6 Pro will come with a 120Hz refresh rate display. Putting it in the upper echelon of smartphones that have fast moving screens. You might think this only matters with gaming. But on the contrary. It makes a pretty noticeable difference for simple things too. Like just scrolling through your phone.

The Pixel 6 Pro display will only work at 120Hz for some content

While the display on the phone can bump up from 60Hz to 120Hz, the leaked screenshot states that this is only for some content. Which suggests that it won’t be running at a native 120Hz all of the time.

It’s also unclear if the refresh rate is variable. Which probably means you’d have to change it back to 60Hz manually. However, it seems that Google may have baked in an automatic setting that lowers the refresh rate when the device needs to preserve battery. And if you’re running the 120Hz setting a lot, you’re going to be using up some battery pretty quickly.

Battery share is present, but Active Edge has been removed

In addition to the higher refresh rate, the Pixel 6 Pro also comes with the Battery Share feature. Although it seems that it has come at the cost of the Active Edge feature that’s been present on some past Pixel devices.

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With the battery share feature onboard, you can “share battery with compatible earbuds, devices and more.” This is something you can toggle on and off at your discretion, just like with most other features. Aside from these details, XDA’s report rehashes specs from past leaks.

Including the triple camera array on the back, which uses a Samsung sensor for the main camera, and then two different Sony sensors for the wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

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