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A new tool can tell if your paper was written by AI

Generative AI is the engine that’s going to power the future, and there’s a lot of potential for it to do great things. However, the people who’ll be developing the technology in the future are using it to generate their college essays today. Fortunately, The University of Kansas has a tool that can tell if your report was generated using AI.

With the rise of AI-generated essays, there has been a rise in tools designed to detect them. The thing about generative AI is that the results are meant to sound as human as possible. So, to the untrained ear, an AI-generated essay can sound just like a human wrote it. This means that, ironically, people need to use AI to detect if someone used AI to write their essays.

The University of Kansas developed a tool to detect essays generated by AI

A tool like this is one that comes in handy when grading reports. It doesn’t have a name at the time. However, what’s important is that it’s really accurate. The researchers stated that this tool can detect AI-generated content with 99% accuracy. That’s insane seeing how close chatbots can get to the real thing.

The researchers took 64 perspective articles and used them to generate 128 articles using ChatGPT. This is what they used to train the tool with. With these articles, the tool was able to correctly identify AI-written content with 100% accuracy. Also, it was able to identify specific paragraphs in the articles with 92% accuracy.

Tools like these are crucial

Anyone could see this situation from a mile away. Since AI now gives us the power to pretty much create anything by typing in just a few words, there’s a high chance that half of what you read on the internet was typed up by a language model. Sure, there are people who use it as a springboard and inspiration, but there are also people who will use it to gain an unfair advantage over true creators.

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Tools like these are crucial to detect when people are using AI excessively. Not only are people using it to generate college essays, but people are using it to win competitions, author books, make money, and even scam people.

The fire has already been lit; the bad side of generative AI has already been revealed. All we can do now is rely on tools like these to help as much as they can.

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