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A sheep herding game is coming from ‘Alto’s Adventure’ creators

People behind Alto’s Adventure, an immensely popular game, are making a new game about sheep herding. Yes, you read it right. It’s called ‘Summerhill, and Best of all, the game looks kind of interesting based on the teaser trailer.

Alto’s Adventure devs are bringing a sheep herding game called ‘Summerhill’

If you’ve played the Alto series, this will feel familiar, at least as far as the overall vibe is concerned. Summerhill feels like yet another visually-appealing, relaxing title.

As mentioned already, this game puts you in a pastoral setting, and it’s a puzzle-solving title. The graphics do remind us of the Alto series, for sure, and some other games, like Monument Valley.

Speaking of Monument Valley, the fans among you will be glad to hear that the composer behind Monument Valley 2 is attached to this project. His name is Todd Baker, and he is in charge of delivering a “folk-inspired” soundtrack for Summerhill.

This is a puzzle game which will uncover an ancient past of the landscape it’s set in

Yes, the gameplay will revolve around sheep herding. The developer actually said you’ll get “fluid herding-based gameplay” and can expect “gentle problem-solving”. What will the story be about, though? Well, the history of the landscape, or should we say its ancient past.

As expected, the puzzles will be getting more and more difficult as you progress. The devs also said that the game will put an emphasis on duty, companionship, and morality.

Harry Nesbitt, Land & Sea founder, said the following: “In many ways, sheep herding is in our DNA and we really wanted to do justice to this timeless tradition and tell a story that could only be told in this way”.

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The company still didn’t share an exact release date for the game. Considering that the trailer is already out, we’re guessing it’s quite far along at this point. Speaking of which, the trailer is embedded below.

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