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A White Pixel 4a Prototype Appears On Google’s Instagram Story

Google’s official Instagram page has recently shared a story that shows a white Pixel 4a in the background.

In a short video that Google shared to celebrate International Dance Day, the company announces its Nest Audio smart speakers. But for tech savvies, this is not what it is all about. Some sharp-eyed viewers have noticed a white Pixel 4a prototype that lays down on the table.

The Pixel 4a launched on August 20, 2020, and it came in Just Black and a limited Barely Blue color. It also has a Clearly White edition, but this is different from the one that is shown in the recent video. The newly-shown white Pixel 4a has an orange power button that distinguishes it from the Clearly White 4a.

Of course, having an orange power button is not a new invention, and Google previously used it in its Pixel 3 lineup. Anyway, Google may introduce this color in the future, or maybe this is just a prototype that never reached the production line.

Moreover, the Pixel 4a was able to meet Google’s expectations to some extent. Adding a new color to the lineup will help the company stoke more interest in its mid-range smartphone.

Also, Google may decide to accompany its white Pixel 4a with some software or hardware upgrades. Because it is currently selling a white 4a and adding a new white color to the shelves with just an orange power button is nonsense.

Maybe Google will release this white Pixel 4a next to the Pixel 5a

We still don’t have much information about Google’s plans to add a new color to the Pixel 4a lineup, but this may happen in the Pixel 5a event. Some sources have recently speculated that Google may announce Pixel 5a in its I/O event on May 18.

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Since the next I/O event is less than one month away and rumors about Pixel 5a are vastly spreading, seeing a white Pixel 4a in the event may not be unexpected, and Google is just laying the groundwork with its new dance video. Next to the Pixel 5a, a Pixel Watch is another device we expect to see in the 2021 Google  I/O event.

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