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Acclaimed Platformer ‘Dadish’ Getting A New Sequel

Back in February of 2020, Thomas K Young released an interesting little platformer about a cute pixelated radish. Since then, Young garnered a lot of acclaim for this app and released a sequel in 2021. Now, (via Android Police) the story continues, as Dadish 3 has just launched to several platforms.

Dadish is a series of story-based platformers all centering around an adorable little radish. It’s pretty straightforward: you’re jumping and dodging your way through levels avoiding enemies and other hazards. It’s a pleasant affair with the pixelated graphics and upbeat music.

Now, Dadish is available to download

If you’re a fan of the franchise or looking to jump on, Dadish 3 is available to download and play now. Getting it from the Google Play Store won’t cost any money, but you can pay $3.49 to get rid of the ads. It’s also available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

Quick hands-on

The gameplay is pretty simple, and it should be close to the past installments. It starts off with your children being taken on a field trip, and you have to rescue them after the bus crashes. Dadish 3 has the same pixelated graphical style as the past installments, and the music is just as fun and adorable.

You’re mostly platforming your way through the jungle collecting your kids after the crash. On your way, you’ll be dodging obstacles, avoiding enemies, and solving puzzles. When it comes to boss fights, you’re not really attacking them directly. You have to find crafty ways to defeat them.

When it comes to the challenge factor, this game starts off really basic, but the puzzles will become more challenging as the game goes on. Also, you’ll want to note that your character can only get hit once before dying.

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All in all, Dadish 3 carries over the charm of the first two games and adds a fun twist to keep things fresh. If you want to get this game from the Play Store, it only weighs in at 69MB.

Download Dadish 3

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