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Add Some Color To Your Setup With The HyperX Pulsefire Mat RGB

HyperX is one of the leading gaming peripheral brands, and today it announced a new accessory for PC gamers called the Pulsefire Mat RGB. This is an extended mouse pad that features a longer design, and it’s part of HyperX’s Pulsefire series.

So it’s perfect for those that want a large amount of space on the mat. It’s big enough to fit your keyboard on and still have room for your mouse to move around. Ensuring nothing slides around on your desk when it shouldn’t.

It also features an RGB light strip around the edge. You’ll find similar products from companies like Razer and SteelSeries. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to see one from HyperX too.

To be clear though, this isn’t HyperX’s first RGB mouse pad. It also offers the Fury Ua RGB. Which is a smaller size mat with a hard surface. That being said, product availability varies by country and this one in particular is currently out of stock on the HyperX website.

The HyperX Pulsefire Mat RGB is a soft-surfaced cloth mouse pad

For those that prefer mouse pads with soft cloth surfaces, this one is potentially for you. It comes with anti-fray edges that HyperX promises will stay somewhat pristine, so long as you take care of your stuff.

If you treat your accessories like garbage, then you may notice the edges begin to fray overtime. The mat also has onboard memory for storing up to three lighting profiles. You can also switch between these effortlessly with an embedded touch sensor. Making it quick to swap to a specific profile for each game.

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Lighting is split up into two different zones, and you need to use the HyperX NGENUITY software to manage it.

The mouse pad is only available at Best Buy… for now

HyperX says that it’s initially only selling the Pulsefire Mat RGB in the US and only through one retailer – Best Buy. It retails for $49.99, which seems about on par with similar products from other big brands.

While best Buy is the only retailer to sell this mat for the time being, HyperX should expand availability to other retailers and other regions in the future. Though at the moment it doesn’t give a timeframe on that. If you want to pick up the mat for yourself, you can find it through the button below.

HyperX Pulsefire Mat RGB – Best Buy

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