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Add This 32-inch Samsung Smart Monitor To Your WFH Setup For Only $250

Looking for a new monitor to add to your work-from-home setup? Look no further than the Samsung M5 Smart Monitor. Which is currently on sale for $249, shaving $50 off of its regular price. This is for a 32-inch 1080p monitor.

You’re probably wondering what makes this a “smart” monitor? Well, there’s a couple of aspects. But firstly, it works with Wireless DeX from your Samsung smartphone and/or tablet. Which is really neat. Allowing you to do all of your work off of your smartphone. And yes, Wireless DeX is actually really good.

Secondly, there is the Smart Hub. Allowing you to binge all of your favorite movies and TV shows from apps like Netflix, YouTube and HBO, among many others. So it’s more than just a monitor that you plug your laptop or desktop into.

Another interesting and cool feature that this display has, is PC on Screen. Basically, it allows you to work remotely from your school or office computer at home. But without a computer at home. Normally, you’d need a computer at home to remote into your work computer, but not with this Samsung Smart Monitor.

Samsung does offer an uawide game view on this monitor, but you probably won’t use it. Essentially, you can adjust your screen to 21:9, and that allows you to discover hidden areas in the game. But, this is still a 16:9 monitor, so you’re losing a lot of screen real estate doing this.

Let’s get into the specs of this monitor here. This is a 1080p or FullHD resolution monitor, refreshing at 60Hz. It also has HDMI, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi for connectivity. So there’s not a lot of connectivity options here, but there’s enough to get things done.

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You can pick up this Samsung Smart Monitor from Amazon today by clicking here. Samsung M5 Smart Monitor – Amazon

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