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AirPods Pro With USB-C Charging Case Coming Soon!

It appears that a new version of the AirPods Pro are coming later this year. That would be a pair of AirPods Pro with a USB-C case. This is according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It’s important to note that while Kuo is typically correct on these things, his timelines can be off a bit. So this might not come this year. Either way, it’s not a huge upgrade for the AirPods of course.

So far, the only real difference here for this pair is going to be the USB-C port on the AirPods Pro. Remember that Apple did announce a new pair of AirPods Pro last year, with the iPhone 14. So they aren’t going to get replaced just yet. Typically with AirPods, Apple keeps them around for a few years before replacing them.

Apple has updated the case for the AirPods and AirPods Pro before. With adding MagSafe to the AirPods Pro case before. And also adding wireless charging to the AirPods case before. So there is precedent here.

Kuo did mention that there are no plans to release a USB-C version of the second-generation or third-generation AirPods. Only the AirPods Pro.

Likely to be announced in September with new iPhones or October with new iPads/Macs

So when might these USB-C AirPods Pro come out? Probably in either September with the new iPhones and Apple Watches. Or in October with the new iPads and/or the new Macs. Since this is a pretty minor update, Apple could also release them as a press release.

The reason for the USB-C case is the EU. They are forcing all electronics to use USB-C by the end of 2024. Which is why we’re going to see the iPhone 15 launching with USB-C later this year. It’s a good thing for consumers, as this will mean they can charge everything with the same cable. That includes their Macbook, iPhone, iPad and AirPods.

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