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Amazon: Alexa gets more comfort for timers and reminders

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Amazon extends Alexa with a snooze function for timers and reminders.

New function for Alexa reminders and timers
(Picture: Martin Wolf/

Amazon makes Alexa’s timers and reminders on smart speakers and smart displays more practical: Both functions have the ability to be put into snooze mode by voice command. So both functions are no longer as rigid in use as before. Amazon has not officially announced the function yet, was able to use the new functions on various Alexa devices. This also applies to Alexa devices from other manufacturers. Therefore we assume that the new feature is generally available.

Especially in the course of memories we have been missing a snooze function for a long time. We can use digital assistants like Alexa or Google Asssistant to remind us of recurring tasks. This can be the daily intake of medication or the reminder of important household tasks.

At Alexa, we have long been able to arrange a fixed time on certain days for reminders. However, it is impractical for such memories to ring out in everyday life at the exact time when we are unable to take care of them. Until now, it has been necessary to set a new memory with a voice command. There was no way to make an existing reminder sound again a little later.

Snooze time individually adjustable

This option has been added by Amazon for Alexa and offers the possibility to have a reminder repeated for a given time or to determine the duration of the snooze itself. If we say “Alexa, activate snooze mode” when a reminder sounds, the current reminder is paused for one hour and after this time has elapsed, it is announced again.

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Alternatively, we can define our own time span by a voice command like “Alexa, snooze for 20 minutes”. The snooze time can be defined individually. From our point of view, memories can thus be integrated into everyday life in a much more practical way.

There is also a snooze function for timers and the mode of operation is identical. The default snooze time here is 5 minutes, but we can also define any custom time. The snooze time is automatically added to the set timer time. So if we set a 10-minute timer and extend it by seven minutes, it will become a 17-minute timer when it is announced or displayed.

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Google Assistant does not yet offer such a snooze function for reminders and timers on smart speakers. In any case, we haven’t been able to find a voice command for it that would let a reminder or timer sound again later. Google Assistant already offers a snooze function only for alarm clocks.

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