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Amazon Announced A Bunch Of New Echo Devices

Amazon just had its hardware event, and it announced some interesting devices that we should be looking forward to. Among the devices announced, Amazon unveiled a bunch of new Echo smart speakers. These include some affordable Echo Dot devices that could be used as holiday gifts.

These new Echo devices are Alexa-powered

In case you don’t know about Amazon’s Echo device, these are a series of smart speakers developed by Amazon. You’re able to summon Alexa and play music through them as well. They’re excellent if you’re into smart home devices.

New Echo Dot and Echo Dot With Clock

There are two standard Echo Dot speakers coming out. These are the more affordable versions of the vanilla Echo speakers. Amazon updated the design of these speakers to make them more ball-shaped. They’re almost completely round except for a flat section on the bottom.

This new Dot comes with some additional sensors that will come in useful. A new temperature sensor will let them detect the temperature in the room. This way, you can command Alexa to automatically turn on the fan if the room gets warm. There’s also an accelerometer. This enables you to simply tap on the top of the device to control it.

As you can guess, the Echo Dot With Clock displays the time on the side of the device. You’ll get a “calculator” display that shines through the speaker fiber. The display can also show you what song’s playing, calendar event times, and more.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

The Kids edition Echo Dot comes with some neat additions that younger users will love. For starters, they have new designs on the front of the speakers like dragons and owls. Also, for Amazon Kids+ subscribers, Amazon will feature voices for those creatures.

With the voices, the kids can hear jokes, facts, greetings, and more through those voices. Buying the Echo Dot Kids Edition will grant you a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+.

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Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is the more premium device line, and the new version brings some nice updates. For starters, this speaker brings special audio technology. It’s meant to mimic a studio setup. So, vocals are in the center, and instruments are panned accordingly.

Also, the new Echo Studio has frequency rage extension technology which means more clarity for the mids and deeper bass. The speaker has custom drivers built specifically for it.

Echo Auto

Last but not least, we have an update to the new Echo Auto. This device comes with a slimmer build than the previous model. Rather than being the width of the AC vent, it’s a lot smaller. You attach it to your dashboard directly via the adhesive mount.

This version comes with five microphones to help it hear your voice over the AC and speakers. As with all Echo devices, you can use it to summon Alexa if you need the assistant.

Price and availability

Device Colors Price Available
Echo Dot Deep-Sea Blue
Glacier White
$49.99 Today
Echo Dot With Clock Cloud Blue
Glacier White
$59.99 Today
Echo Dot Kids Edition Owl design
Dragon design
$59.99 Today
Echo Auto Original $54.99 Later date
Echo Studio Glacier White
$199.99 Today

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