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Amazon could soon be in a fight with the FTC

The tech industry is pretty much dominated by a handful of companies. We have Apple, Google, Samsung, and Meta among others. In that group, we have Amazon, the massive ecommerce mega-empire. It’s big, there’s no denying that, and because of this, it’s caught the attention of the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission). According to MarketWatch, Amazon could soon be in a huge antitrust lawsuit against the FTC.

There’s no doubt that the FTC has been on the tails of large companies because of the obstacles they pose for smaller companies. Apple will continue to have the smartphone market in a headlock for years to come and no company can touch Google’s ad business. This is why the FTC is looking to pounce on companies like these.

The FTC could be in an antitrust battle against Amazon

Right now, a ton of information on this case remains locked behind closed doors, so there’s not much to go on. According to the report, the FTC is seeking a “structural remedy” for the company’s market dominance. This means that, if Amazon loses the case, it may have to break up its business.

Amazon is one company, but it’s comprised of separate entities that handle different tasks. While they’re separate entities, they’re still under one head. If the company has to break up, then those entities could spin off into different companies.

There’s one odd detail about this case. Amazon did not reach an agreement with the FTC, which was the fuel for the case. However, as per the report, the FTC did not contact Amazon about the case beforehand. So, the company was not able to come to an agreement. How can a company come to an agreement on a subject it wasn’t informed about?

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It seems like a sneaky move on the FTC’s part, but we’ll need more information on the case in order to make any claims. This is the kind of case that will last a while, so we’ll get more information on it as time passes.

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