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Amazon Quietly Unveils Four New Smart Switches

Smart switches are available in abundance online. Amazon has now quietly revealed a new set of smart switches under the well-known Amazon Basics brand. This takes the tally of Amazon’s smart home products to seven.

The four new Amazon Basics Smart Switches were first spotted by Consumer Reports’ Dan Wroclawski (via). The products reportedly made their way to on November 11. These include a single-pole smart switch for $17.99, a single-pole dimmer switch for $19.99, a 3-way smart dimmer switch for $20.99, and a 3-way smart switch for $18.99.

It’s worth pointing out that the new smart switches support the company’s Certified for Humans and Frustration Free Setup programs. This means they’re fairly easy to install, particularly for owners of Echo smart speakers. The best part here is that it doesn’t require a smart home hub either. However, these new smart switches will only work with Alexa.

The four new Amazon Basics Smart Switches are significantly cheaper than the competition

These Amazon Basic Smart Switches offer a minimalistic design, with the single-pole switches offering a small status indicator LED underneath. Additionally, customers will find plus or minus buttons on the dimmers along with green LEDs to indicate the brightness level.

Notably, these smart switches need to be hardwired to your home’s wiring and will also require a neutral wire. So homes with no neutral support will have to look at alternatives. To make the process easier, Amazon will also offer installation videos to help with the setup process. In any case, be sure to check your home’s wiring system before ordering the new Amazon Basic switches.

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As is the case with Amazon Basics products, pricing is critical here. The new lineup undercuts a bunch of existing smart switches, making these an exciting prospect for buyers.

When you have successfully set up either of these smart switches at your home, you should be able to dim lights or turn them on/off using Alexa voice commands. Users can also include them with Alexa Routines from the app to enable automation.

Amazon recently launched its $69.99 Smart Air Quality Monitor to track indoor air quality. It also introduced a smart thermostat, signaling its intentions to expand its portfolio of smart home products.

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