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Anbernic RG280V: Mini-retro console can emulate Playstation games

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The Anbernic RG280V is reminiscent of the Game Boy , but has enough buttons to emulate Playstation games .

The RG280V is tiny. (Image: Anbernic)

In a YouTube video, the Chinese manufacturer Anbernic has presented a mini retro console to take away. The RG280V is reminiscent of products like the Nintendo Game Boy, but has more dedicated buttons. Therefore, Playstation 1 games can also be played with it. The game console has a directional pad, four action buttons, two system buttons and four shoulder buttons.

The small console also uses Opendingux as the operating system, which, according to the manufacturer, has been adapted over the years. It was specially developed for compact handhelds such as the Dingoo A320 or the GCW Zero. The interface of the operating system is controlled with the control pad and shoulder buttons. Emulators and other applications are preinstalled on it. For example, the device should also be able to be used as an MP3 player.

Single core CPU has to be enough

The device is powered by a JZ4770 SoC from the Chinese company Ingenic. The single-core processor clocks at 1 GHz and is designed for a power budget of 250 mW. The GPU supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1. A small vibration motor is also attached to the mainboard, which is supposed to provide force feedback in games.

Anbernic RG280 V (Image: Anbernic)

A USB-C port and a 3.5 mm jack connection can be seen on the sides of the case. There are also two slots for micro SD cards on the left. The small LC display shows games in color, but is not anti-reflective.

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Anbernic has not yet revealed any further details. This also applies to the prices and availability of the RG280V. The manufacturer has been selling portable game consoles on Aliexpress for a long time. These include various products for prices between 20 and 120 US dollars, some of which are very reminiscent of products from other manufacturers.