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Android 12 Beta 2 Brings Google Pay, Home Shortcuts, And Power Button To Quick Settings

The Quick Settings zone in Android 12 Beta 2 is going through some changes. According to 9to5google, Google Pay, Google Home shortcuts, and power button are added to this area for fast access.

Android 12 Quick Settings is now more effective

For calling the Google Assistant in Android 12, you can long-press the power button. This is a new role for the button, and Google decided to add a power option in Quick Settings so that users can turn their phones off in a new way.

When the Quick Settings page is fully expanded, the power button appears in the right corner, beside the Settings and edit buttons.

Moreover, the Device Controls and Wallet are moved to the Quick Settings area instead of the Power menu. So anytime you are pulling down the notifications, you can see them.

By tapping on Wallet, a list of your cards appears. Also, you can see a miniature version of your preferred payment card in Quick Settings. For accessing the Google Home devices setting, you need to tap into the Device Controls.

Accessing the features is now faster than ever

For Android 12, Google has focused on providing quick access to different parts of the operating system. Also, the payments will be an essential part of Android 12.

As said, a Wallet toggle is added to the Quick Settings zone. So users can access payments by just pulling down the menu. For faster payment, Google has even added a Wallet toggle to the lock screen.

Moreover, the owners of Google Pixel 5 who updated their device to Android 12 Beta 2 can access the Quick Tap. The feature allows for a double-tap back gesture. By default, it is used for taking screenshots, but you can set default actions for it, including opening a special app, playing or pausing media, and calling Google Assistant.

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Google has almost revamped the Android entirely, and all parts are changed. For example, even switching between WiFi and mobile data has a new procedure in Android 12. Of course, the new process is easier and more efficient. For changing the connection mode in Android 12, you can tap into the internet tile and choose your favorite connection.

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