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Android 12 DP2 hints future Pixels could get new fingerprint sensing tech

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Google could add an in-display fingerprint sensor to future Pixel phones.
  • Several referenced for in-display fingerprint readers were spotted in the Android 12 DP2 code.

Google has stuck to its back-panel-placed physical fingerprint sensor since the very beginning of the Pixel series. However, the tech has now started to show its age seeing that Android competitors have already embrace in-display fingerprint sensors in a big way. Now, it looks like Google is finally coming around and planning to affix in-display fingerprint readers on future Pixel phones.

A developer named kdrag0n on Twitter (via XDA Developers) found evidence of Google’s potential plans within the code of Android 12 Developer Preview 2. Several new classes of code were spotted in the SystemUIGoogle app. One of them is named “UdfpsControllerGoogle,” where “Udfps” apparently refers to “under-display fingerprint scanner.”

Similar references were also found in the code of the first Android 12 Developer Preview. However, they didn’t specifically associate in-display fingerprint sensor support for Pixel devices. This time around, the new Udfps code suggests that the feature is being developed for Pixel phones rather than AOSP.

This is obviously not enough evidence to conclude that upcoming Pixel phones will adopt in-display fingerprint sensors. For instance, we already know from leaked renders that the Pixel 5a will most likely retain a physical fingerprint reader. But there have been times when future Pixel features have leaked through Android code. So let’s wait and watch if Google is finally ready to upgrade its hardware.

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