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Android 12 DP2 Shows Off Upcoming One-Handed Mode Features

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) has arrived, and it’s showing off Google’s new one-handed mode in all of its glory. That’s based on a recent report, highlighting the feature in the new preview and some of the perks added with it.

Now, the one-handed mode in Android 12 DP2 is fairly straightforward. As its branding suggests, it effectively moves the screen — or the open app — down. Thus making it easier to reach certain top-bound UI elements with one hand for smaller-handed users. The way it works, at least for this preview version, is with a simple, short downward swipe from the bottom of the screen. Swiping up from the center of the screen, conversely, takes things back to full-screen mode.

What are the extras that Google has added to the one-handed mode for Android 12?

As is implied by that explanation, and via the images below, that comes with a few extra features too. Namely, users can make adjustments to just how the one-handed mode works in Android 12.

First, Google is including a toggle switch for two different settings. The first turns the one-handed mode on or off, so users are forced to utilize it. Or forced to accidentally use it when they don’t mean to. The second is a toggle that allows users to choose whether one-handed mode ends when they exit the app it was started in.

Finally, Google provides four options for a time-out. That’s to say, four options to determine when the one-handed mode will revert to full-screen mode automatically. The first option is “Never.” Or users can choose 4-seconds, 8-seconds, or 12-seconds.

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This could look different when it’s finalized if it launches in Android 12 at all

In the current iteration of one-handed mode, the UI is still fairly barebones. For example, when the one-handed mode is entered, the top portion of the screen is simply filled with a solid gray-colored background. But that won’t necessarily stay the same beyond Android 12 DP2. This is, after all, a developer preview, meant primarily to help developers implement new features in their apps.

Android 12 will be finalized in August of this year, though. So it won’t take too long to see just where Google is going with this. That’s if it decides to pull the trigger on this feature now instead of waiting for a future update.

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