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Android 12 release date: When can you expect it on your phone?


  • The official Android 12 release date is October 4, 2021.
  • That’s when the software hit the AOSP track.
  • It will be a bit longer before we see it on phones.

As of October 4, 2021, we finally hit the technical end of the Android 12 rollout. At this point, the operating system is stable and available to the public.

Right now, the operating system is live at the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). That means its final, stable version is up and ready for you to download.

However, most users do not use the AOSP version of Android on their phones. Most users have Google apps and Android skins, and the version of Android 12 for those people isn’t out yet. As of October 4, Google says the operating system is coming to Pixel phones in a few weeks.

For the record, last year for the Android 11 launch, Google had the first beta out in June and the final launch in early September. The AOSP launch and the Pixel rollout happened at the same time. Obviously, there were some delays with this year’s launch, which likely has to do with how wildly different Android 12 is as compared to prior versions.

Android 12 release date: The timeline so far

Above, you’ll see the originally announced timeline from Google. Below, we have the actual dates that happened, and they stick relatively well with Google’s outline.

So far, this is what has officially launched:

We will update this article with more news on when your phone will get the Android 12 update. Stay tuned!

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