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Android 12 Will Bring Updated Pixel Ringtone, Notification & Alarm Sounds

Android 12 will bring updated Pixel ringtone, notification, and alarm sounds, as they’re already available in the Beta 3 version. For those of you who are unaware, the Android 12 Beta 3 build launched quite recently.

Android 12 will brings updated Pixel ringtone, notification & alarm sounds to the table

These new ringtones come as part of the Sounds app v2.8 which is included with Android 12 Beta 3. Do note that the “Bright Morning”, which is the current default alarm sound on Android, is still available. Google did add the “Fresh Start” sound as well, though. This one is much longer, at 31 seconds vs 12 seconds that “Bright Morning” offers.

The source claims that “Eureka” is poised to replace “Popcorn” as the “Default notification sound”. On top of that, a phone ringtone called “Your New Adventure” is expected to replace “The Big Adventure” in Android 12.

If you decide to install Android 12 Beta 3 to your Pixel phone, you’ll be able to run Fresh Start and Eureka already. The phone ringtone called ‘The Big Adventure’ is currently not available, but it’s expected to arrive with a stable build.

It is worth noting that Google likely won’t replace your default sounds on your current Pixel phone. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, will likely ship with different default sounds.

You can now listen to two out of three new sounds

You can go ahead and navigate to the 9to5Google article in order to listen to two out of three new sounds. “The Big Adventure” is still not available, so the source couldn’t list that one as well.

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Android 12 Beta 3 build arrived quite recently, and it brought some new features to the OS. Scrolling screenshots have finally been introduced, though that feature is still not as stable as we’d like it to be.

Auto-rotate has also been improved, as it will now use face detection to use auto-rotate more accurately. This could possibly do great things for the auto-rotate feature, as it will be able to avoid accidental rotation more accurately.

If you’d like to know more about Android 12 Beta 3, click here. A stable build of Android 12 is expected to drop at some point in Q3 this year, most likely next month.

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