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Android 13 could give more options for Material You theming, perfect for haters

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • A rumored feature could allow tighter user control over Android 13 colors.
  • Instead of four choices with different combinations of the same colors, you’ll get a choice between four different experiences.
  • It is possible this could appear in Android 12L first, although unlikely.

However, Android 13 colors could work differently. If this rumor pans out, people who strongly dislike Material You theming as it exists today might be excited.

The rumor comes from the team at Android Police, who received word from “a trusted source.” Essentially, the new Material You system would present you with four presets of varying colors and expressions. This would give users a wider slate of options for Material You theming when compared to Android 12.

Speaking of Android 12, it is possible these new colors could debut on Android 12L instead of Android 13. However, that is unlikely since Android 12L, so far, has been all about functionality rather than design.

The four Android 13 colors options are so far known as TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ. These come from leaked code, so it is possible these are just placeholder names. Here’s how the breakdown:

Android 13 colors: TONAL_SPOT

With this one, there are no surprises when it comes to Android 13 colors. This appears to be the same system we see active now within Android 12, so it would likely act as the default.


The “VIBRANT” choice is subtly different from the default. The colors are a bit punchier but the overall aesthetic is quite similar. Hopefully, Google works a bit more on this option to help differentiate it more from “TONAL_SPOT.”

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This is where things get interesting. With this choice, the Android 13 colors don’t just pull from your background. Instead, Android figures out a selection of colors it feels complement your background and makes those accents. You can see the various purple hues here did not appear in the first two choices.

Android 13 colors: SPRITZ

Finally,  this choice goes in the opposite direction of “EXPRESSIVE.” Rather than figure out a punchy complementary color, it leans into neutral territory. The color palette is mostly grays, blacks, and whites, with only soft colors lifted from the background. This would be great for folks who like the idea of Material You but feel it takes things too far.