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Android 14 Beta 2.1 rolling out with another round of bug fixes

Google Pixel smartphones enrolled in the Android 14 beta program have a massive bug-fixing update coming their way. The company has released the Android 14 Beta 2.1 with fixes for several bugs found in previous beta builds, including the issue that blocked users from opting out of the beta program. It comes about two weeks after the Beta 2 release at Google I/O 2023 earlier this month.

Update your Pixel to Android 14 Beta 2.1 to opt out of the beta program

Early beta builds of new software are never stable and often come riddled with bugs. It was no different with Android 14 Beta 1, which came in the second week of April. It contained plenty of annoying issues. Google fixed a bunch of those with Beta 1.1 a couple of weeks later. A few more of those were patched with Beta 2, which rolled out after a two-week gap too. Now, two more weeks later, the company has released Beta 2.1 to further polish Android 14 and iron out more known bugs.

The most notable problem that Android 14 beta users have been facing is the inability to opt out of the beta program. While they could leave the beta program, their Pixel wouldn’t let them complete the setup process after the mandatory restart. Google has fixed this problem with Beta 2.1. However, users are required to first install the new build before opting out. That’s because the fix isn’t backward compatible with the previous beta build (Beta 2).

Once installed (either through an OTA update or manually flashing the new firmware), Pixel users need to reset their screen lock (pin, pattern, or password). You can reuse the same pin, pattern, or password again. But you must go to Settings > Security & privacy > Screen lock and reset it. Doing this will solve the issue, allowing you to leave the beta program. You should no longer face any issues during setup. But if you want to continue, Beta 2.1 will give you a more reliable experience.

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According to Google’s release notes, this update gets rid of a problem that caused the battery percentage to always show 0% regardless of the actual charge level of the device. It also fixes various issues with speakers, always-on-display, Android Auto, Google Photos, Google Contacts, Google Messages, and picture-in-picture mode in the Google TV app. If your Pixel is enrolled in the Android 14 beta program, watch out for an OTA update. The new build number is UPB2.230407.019. You can also download the OTA image from here and manually flash it on your eligible Pixel.

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