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Android: Pixel smartphones get many new features

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Googles December feature drop is here and brings new features – including adaptive sound settings and improved battery life. Features of the Pixel 5 will also be added to older models.

Google has introduced a number of new features for its pixel smartphones. To a large extent, the company is once again relying on automatic adjustments to make it easier to use in the background.

This way the pixel smartphones get the adaptive sound settings for the loudspeakers already known in the prefield. The microphones should detect the ambient noise and adjust the sound of the speakers accordingly. It is not clear from the English press release whether only the new pixel smartphones will get the function or also older devices. Only for the pixel 4a, pixel 4a 5G and pixel 5 there is a more precise GPS function. This should, for example, make it possible to see better in a map app on which side of the street the destination is located. In addition, the current pixel devices can now automatically detect when users are using a website or app in a foreign language and offer a translation with Google Lens.

Further optimization functions in the background

The Intelligent Battery function, Adaptive Battery, gets new context-based functions. This is intended to improve the background optimization and extend the battery life more than before. The new Adaptive Connectivity function switches between LTE and 5G depending on the app. For example, the pixel is supposed to recognize whether an app basically doesn’t need fast connections and automatically switch to LTE accordingly.

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GOOGLE Pixel 5 128 GB Just Black Dual SIM

Some functions previously reserved for pixel 5 also apply to older models up to pixel 3. These include the super energy-saving mode, which radically cuts background activity to extend battery life. The Hold for me function, on the other hand, will still not be available in Germany – here, the Pixel Smartphone takes over the waiting in a waiting loop and notifies users when someone is finally on the line.

The update with the new features will be distributed wireless as usual.



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