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Android Tablets Finally Get The Google Weather App

Google is finally bringing its Weather app to Android tablets. You now get the same weather experience on the Google app on tablets as on phones. The UI has yet to fully adapt to the big screens but that should change soon.

Until now, Google’s weather experience on Android tablets was limited to the age-old card available via Search. You get the current weather condition, temperature, precipitation, humidity, and wind speed. A slider lets you adjust the time of day for the weather details of a specific time. Below the slider is a date switcher and that’s pretty much it. The desktop web UI is better and includes an hourly temperature graph.

Thankfully, Google is now improving the weather experience on tablets as well. First spotted by 9to5Google, weather results in Search are now richer and come complete with the temperature graph and the company’s Weather Frog. An “Hourly, humidity, wind and more” button at the bottom lets you open the full app experience that you already get on phones. The Froggy artwork takes up the entire screen.

There’s no change to functionality, though. You still get the same three tabs: Today, Tomorrow, and 10 Days. You can swipe across to switch tabs and swipe down for more details. On phones, this makes for a clean, uncluttered UI. But there’s room for more info on the homescreen on tablets. Perhaps Google is just getting started. The app currently only features a portrait UI, even if you use your tablet in landscape orientation. But as the new report notes, the Nest Hub already features a landscape artwork for the Weather Frog. So it won’t be a big ask for Google to bring it to tablets.

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The new weather experience on Android tablets is now rolling out

The Google Weather app started appearing on Android tablets fairly recently. The whole experience is part of the Google app and should be updated via the app. The publication could confirm the change on multiple devices running Google app version If you don’t yet have access to the new weather experience, you might want to check for an update for the app on your tablet.

When you open the Google Weather app on your tablet for the first time, it will prompt you to add a homescreen shortcut for quick access. If you missed out on that prompt, you can manually create the shortcut by selecting the “add to homescreen” button available from the avatar menu in the top-right corner.

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