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Another Pixel 6 Pro Hands-On Video Appears Ahead Of Time

Another Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video has appeared. You may recall that the first one surfaced last month, showing us a prototype of the device. That handset didn’t have a Google logo on the back, but it most likely showed us the final design.

Well, the same source has now shared a new video. This video actually comes from This is Tech Today, and we talked about it yesterday. That YouTube channel shared a 10-minute long video sharing camera samples from the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel 6 Pro appeared in another hands-on video

We’ve already covered that part of the video, so won’t dwell much about it, you can click here to check all that out. We’re here to focus on the Pixel 6 Pro hands-on portion of the video, which is a small part of it.

Brandon Lee, who runs that YouTub channel, cut that portion of the video, and shared it via Twitter. You can check out the video below this paragraph.

This is a 24-second clip that will allow you to take a closer look at the phone from the front, and its sides as well. You’ll clearly see that the power / lock button sits above the volume rocker buttons on the right, as we’re used to from Pixel phones.

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The display camera hole is centered here, and it doesn’t seem to be any smaller than a number of others we’ve seen in the market. This clip also gives us a clear look at the curved display of the phone, and how thin its bezels will be.

The phone won’t offer uniform bezels, it seems

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Pixel 6 Pro will offer uniform bezels like the Pixel 5. Still, its bezels will be extremely thin all around, and not many people will complain about that.

A Type-C USB port is also visible at the bottom of the phone. The back of the device is now shown here, for some reason, but we’ve seen that a number of times already.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro will launch alongside the Pixel 6 later this month. Google is rumored to announce both phones on October 19, and release them on October 28, but we’ll see what will happen.

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