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Apex Legends Mobile Gets A New Legend And Battle Pass In Season 1

EA and Respawn are officially launching season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile today. The season’s title is Cold Snap, and introduces the game’s first battle pass along with a brand-new legend. The Cold Snap update is launching in all regions where Apex Legends Mobile is available, which means season 1 should be live for everyone who can play the game.

As with all free-to-play games that come with a battle pass, the idea here is giving players tons of things to unlock. And there’s definitely quite the collection of unlockables on this pass. Including an eternal legend skin, 2 legendary legend skins, 2 legendary weapon skins, and a whole lot more.

It’s also important to note that the game has a free pass and a premium pass. And the skins mentioned above are part of the premium pass.

Apex Legends Mobile season 1 introduces Loba

Loba is this season’s new legend that you can play. Loba, the translocating thief, is one of the most popular legends on PC and console according to Respawn. Making her an easy choice for the next legend to be added to the mobile version of the game.

There’s also a new match element being thrown in that goes with this season’s theme. Near the Train Yard on the World’s Edge map, players can find a climatizer that will periodically cover parts of the map with snow. This machine will turn on and off throughout the match, and can net some big rewards. So it’s worth checking out when you notice that it’s enabled.

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What players will be looking for once the climatizer tuns on are Frosted loot boxes, as these can contain diamonds. If you can collect enough diamonds then you can use them to purchase things from the seasonal shop.

As for Loba, you won’t be able to play her character right away. You can however unlock her for play once you reach level 25 on the seasonal battle pass. Or, if you prefer to play her immediately Respawn has also made it possible to unlock her in the shop. If you’re interested in reading the full patch notes for this update, you can find them here.

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