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Apex Legends Mobile gets new Underworld event in latest update

Apex Legends Mobile is launching a new update today that contains the all-new Underworld event. Respawn refers to it as a “nightmarish new event” that adds plenty for players to experience, including some “new abilities” for Revenant and some new Legend perks for other characters.

The update should already be live for players, and it’ll be available to players on both iOS and Android platforms. So it doesn’t matter which platform you play the game on. The theme of the new event seems like a carry-over from the last event called Champions that launched in mid-October. Champions that passed on go to the “underworld” where they meet Revenant.

Revenant’s new abilities include his passive called Stalker. This gives him a significant boost to crouch walking speed and an ability to climb higher than other legends. His tactical ability is called Silence. And if you’ve ever played WoW or other MMOs, it works a lot like the Silence ability in those games. For a short period of time, players who use Revenant’s Silence ability will disable the abilities of enemy players. The device he throws which causes this effect also deals a small amount of damage.

His last new ability, which is his Ultimate called Death Totem, is like a get out of jail free card from death. Those who use it will teleport back to the totem instead of dying after they receive critical damage. This only lasts for a set amount of time and will protect players from being killed or drowned.

Apex Legends mobile adds new legend perks in Underworld update

To make the most of Revenant, players will want to familiarize themselves with (and unlock) the new legend perks. Some perks like ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ enhance the Death Totem ultimate. When played, those protected by Death Totem will also gain the Stalker ability for faster crouch walking. Other perks like Zombie Siphon allow players that are under the effect of death totem to restore HP when knocking enemies.

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There’s a handful more of legend perks being added, and you can check them all out in the official patch notes for the update. As for the event itself, players will start to see new Requiem Supply Bins popping up around World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. These will contain metal skulls which can then be used to unlock rewards. So keep an eye out for these bins.

There’s also a new limited time mode being added called Second Shot. In this mode, players will get instant revives. Players can pop these revives when enemies least expect it and gain a surprise advantage. If you’ve not seen the trailer for the Apex Legends Mobile Underworld update, you can watch it below.

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