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Apple: Corona warning app can be inactive on new iPhones

Last updated on March 9, 2021

If you switch to a new iPhone via backup, you should check the settings of the Corona warning app.

The Corona warning app in Apple's app store (Image: Tobias Költzsch /

The Macwelt website found an error in the Corona warning app in Germany: After a backup was played on an iPhone 12 , the Corona warning app already installed on the previous device was found on the new smartphone, which was followed up however not activated.

The problem with this: After opening the app, the usual setup process is apparently missing, instead the Macwelt colleagues found themselves directly on the app's start page. At the top of the screen you can see a message that the risk determination is inactive.

In addition, the message apparently appears that the encounter messages still have to be activated in the system settings. The correct region must be set there and the status of the encounter records must be set to active. Then the Corona warning app should work as usual.

Initial setup with activation of the encounter messages is apparently missing

Normally, the Corona warning app asks automatically when it is first used whether the encounter messages and thus also the encounter recordings should be activated via Bluetooth. When a backup is loaded, however, the app starts as if it were already set up – although it is not. Accordingly, users could be led to believe that the tracking is working.

This step was probably chosen for reasons of data protection law. The fact that users sometimes do not notice the missing settings is a problem. Without the correct settings, the Corona warning app is useless.

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Also for reasons of data protection, the exchanged keys are not transferred via backup. As promised, the Corona warning app only saves them locally and does not transfer them to the cloud during a backup.

There are also problems with the Corona app in Great Britain

In Great Britain, similar problems occurred with the local warning app after it was played as part of a backup on a new iPhone, according to the BBC .

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