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AT&T Now Covers 230M Americans With 5G

During AT&T’s investor day today, the company announced that it has now covered 230 million Americans with 5G. That’s good for more than two-thirds of Americans. Which is really impressive. It’s 5G+ network – mmWave, essentially – is available in 38 cities and there are plans to expand that even further.

AT&T will be expanding mmWave to more areas. Specifically sporting venues as well as airports. This is where mmWave makes the most sense, since the population density is a lot larger here. We’re looking at 17 venues across the country getting 5G+ by the end of 2021. This includes stadiums, arenas and practice facilities. Which will bring AT&T to over 40 venues.

Additionally, 5G+ is going to be available on numerous university campuses across the country. This includes the University of Miami, Purdue University and many others. AT&T launched 5G at Tampa’s International Airport this year, and plans to bring 5G+ to an additional seven airports by the end of the year. More than 30 company-owned retail locations will get 5G+ by the end of 2021.

Finally, first responders. First responders in Houston are able to use 5G+ on FirstNet. AT&T says that in 2021, public safety will be able to take full advantage of 5G+, that meets their needs.

When is C-band being rolled out?

AT&T spent a record-setting $27.4 billion at the C-band auction. And the company says that it has secured 80MHz of spectrum and a 29% share of the available licenses. AT&T is planning to deploy this mid-band spectrum at the end of 2021. This will help improve the speed of 5G across the country. Mid-band spectrum is unique, in it allows for more capacity but also has decent coverage, compared to mmWave.

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AT&T has more C-band spectrum than Verizon or T-Mobile (and paid a pretty penny for it). Which should help AT&T catch up to T-Mobile’s mid-band spectrum footprint – thanks to its Sprint deal.

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