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Battery life on PlayStation’s Project Q may not be that great

Lots of things are still unknown about PlayStation’s upcoming Project Q handheld device, including battery life, price, release date and more. Of those things, two of the most important if not the most important factors are going to be battery life and price.

For the Project Q handheld to really succeed, it’ll need to be priced competitively. Anything over $200 is probably going to make it a tough sell when the phone you have already purchased can provide the same activity. Which is accessing Remote Play for PS5 games.

Then there’s the battery life. As a handheld device, battery life is generally an important spec for consumers. Though not the end-all-be-all. Still, as a handheld you want it to last long enough to enjoy more than hour or two of gaming. A new report from Insider Gaming rumors that the battery life on Project Q may not be that great.

Project Q battery life may only last a few hours

It’s worth noting that none of this is confirmed yet. However, Insider Gaming has been right about its earlier Project Q rumors. That being said, the report suggests that battery life on Sony‘s upcoming handheld will be just a few hours.

Specifically around three to four. Which, for a streaming-only handheld dedicated to Remote Play, could be better. By comparison, the Logitech G Cloud boasts up to twelve hours of battery life on a single charge. Although, to be fair it also doesn’t have the all the DualSense features baked into it like Project Q does. And that plus the 8-inch HD screen could be contributing to the battery life rumored here if it’s accurate.

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Still, three to four hours of battery life could be a deal breaker for some consumers. But at the end of the day it is meant for home use. So it’ll be easy to plug the device in if needed.

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