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Call Of Duty: Mobile Adds Japanese Mecha-Inspired Character Skin

Call Of Duty: Mobile is merging with the world of Japanese Mecha through a new Reaper skin called Reaper – Ashura. Giving Reaper the distinct look of a Japanese mecha robot you might find in anime like Macross, Robotech, or Gundam.

In fact, Reaper – Ashura was designed by Shōji Kawamori. A famous Japanese mecha designer behind the Macross and Robotech anime series. Among many other things. While not entirely the same as a mecha you might find in those franchises, the design is heavily inspired by Kawamori’s earlier works.

That list is fairly long, and includes everything from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory to various Armored Core games. Kawamori has also worked on designs for the original 1995 Ghost In The Shell film, Daemon X Machina, and more.

Reaper – Ashura is available in Call of Duty: Mobile starting September 9

Activision and TiMi Studios aren’t introducing the new character skin until tomorrow. But in the meantime, you can check out the video documentary above. It’s a short documentary with Shōji Kawamori that discusses his inspiration for the design of the new skin. Including a handful of concept sketches. As well as his process for working with the team to create the story for this design.

Kawamori states he “incorporated an anime feel to achieve a balance that is more human, while still retaining a mecha vibe here and there.”

The Reaper – Ashura Operator skin will arrive in-game at 5PM PST on September 9. Though it won’t be alone. Players will also have a chance to obtain numerous items with a matching aesthetic. Including new weapon skins. Naturally, all of these are going to be available through the Lucky Draw system.

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So unfortunately players won’t be able to buy them directly. If you’re an anime fan though, and particularly of the mecha genre, this might be the time to spend some money.

Activision hasn’t officially announced all of the details on the additional items yet. But it should have a blog post that’s going live soon which shows off all the related items. As for the skin itself, you can view additional images of it below.

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