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Check Out The Final Design For The Nothing Earbuds Case

Nothing has recently shared images of the final design of the case for its upcoming earbuds, the ear(1). They look identical to the images that have popped up earlier this month. So there’s not much of a surprise when it comes to the actual design of the case that the earbuds will be coming in.

Still, these are confirmed images of the case directly from Nothing. And the final design at that. As Nothing surely went through multiple iterations before coming to a conclusion. While Nothing still hasn’t shared the final design of the earbuds themselves, it has shared details about almost everything else. Such as availability, price, and the reveal date. Alongside the case images shared today, Nothing also revealed a few key features.

The Nothing ear(1) earbuds case will support wireless charging

Likely one of the most pressing questions that users will have had, is whether or not the case supports wireless charging. Well, it does. Though you won’t be required to charge it wirelessly as it will also support charging through a USB-C cable.

In addition to the wireless charging feature, the earbuds will have a battery life of up to 34 hours if you aren’t using the Active Noise Cancellation feature. If you do want to use ANC, then that dips the battery life down to as much as 24 hours. Worth noting though is that involves the additional charges provided by the case. And not on a single charge of the earbuds.

It’s important to temper expectations with that. Lest you be left with a pair of earbuds that have a dead battery because you forgot to charge the case up.

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For the battery life of the earbuds on a single charge, you’re looking at up to 6 hours with ANC on, or up to 8 hours with ANC off. Nothing also shared that the case battery has a 570mAh capacity. And that a 10-minute charge of the case will get you to that 6-hour battery life mark.

So the earbuds can charge up pretty quickly if you’re in a pinch and need to give them some more juice. Nothing will reveal the earbuds officially next week. While the first 100 units are already up for sale via StockX.

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