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Check Out These Lifestyle Images Of The Pixel 6 Series

The official reveal of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is about a week away, but that hasn’t stopped leaks from pouring in, like the leaks of these lifestyle images. Courtesy of Twitter user and well-known leaker Evan Blass, you’re getting another look at official lifestyle images of the phones.

In addition to the Pixel 6 lifestyle images, there’s also some leaked shots of official cases. Which Google will presumably be selling in the Google Store. Interestingly, these aren’t fabric cases like we’ve come to know of many past Pixel phones. Instead, the leaked images show off a selection of plastic shell cases.

There appears to be three different colors of this particular case. At least judging by the images. One that should match the Stormy Black phone. Then one that seems to match the Sorta Seafoam phone. And then another one that appears to match the Sorta Sunny phone.

Pixel 6 lifestyle images showcase the phone’s water resistance

Since the phone has popped up in pictures already numerous times, there’s not a whole lot new here to see. Having said that, a couple of the lifestyle images showcase the water resistance. Though we’d still personally hesitate to use the device in the rain whenever possible, Google seems to be making a clear point here that it can get a little bit wet.

Say you get caught outside in a light drizzle, or you decide to go out for a walk with nothing more than a rain jacket. Like in the image. You should be able to pull out the phone and snap a few pics or make a phone call if you need to.

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Aside from images, leading up to Google’s official debut of these devices, just about everything else appears to have been leaked. Including price, specs, and more. Leaving little to the imagination. Videos have even popped up of the phone being assembled. Although, those videos now seem to have been removed.

If you want to see more of the lifestyle shots, or the images of the cases, you can view them from the tweet thread below.

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