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Chrome 89 Android Is Better In All The Ways, Intros Freeze-Dried Tabs

Google Chrome for Android version 89 offers some significant changes and improvements across the board. But not on the user-facing side, necessarily. In fact, according to reports on the matter and to Google, the latest update saves memory, has faster startups, lags less, and has better page load times.

One of the biggest changes, quite apart from big adjustments on other platforms with this version, will chiefly be noticed by users on flagship handsets. And that’s because Google has finally turned on Chrome in 64-bit. That’s going to load on any Android handset running Android 10 or later, as long as they have 8GB of RAM or more. With 64-bit Chrome, page loads are up to 8.5-percent faster to start with, and 28-percent smoother. Particularly when it comes to scrolling and input latency.

Freeze-Dried Tabs, PartitionAlloc, and more have landed for Chrome 89 Android

Another big change, and the headlining change for Google, is the introduction of “Freeze-Dried Tabs.” Now, the branding here isn’t necessarily intuitive. Freeze-Dried Tabs provides a way for Google to save resources across the board. And it does that by saving a lightweight version of tabs on load-up. Those are similar in size to a screenshot but support scrolling, zooming, links, and more.

In effect, they act as an incredibly lightweight placeholder that can still be interacted with. And then, once the page finishes loading in the background, the full page is displayed seamlessly instead of the Freeze-Dried variant. That, in turn, speeds up the start-up of Chrome by up to 13-percent, Google says.

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Stepping past that, PartitionAlloc is now used across the board for Chrome, starting from version 89. The advanced memory allocator optimizes latency, space efficiency, and security. And one of its biggest advantages is its reclamation of up to 100MiB per tab. That’s accomplished by discarding unneeded or unused memory that isn’t being used by foreground tabs.

Finally, Google indicates that Chrome 89 reduces crashes on the platform. Specifically, those that are caused by a lack of hardware resources. Memory usage has improved by 5-percent, paving the way for 7.5-percent faster startup times and up to 2-percent faster page loads.

You can get this now, of course

The update to Chrome 89 for mobile — and explicitly for Google’s OS — is available now. To get it, users simply need to navigate to the Play Store and look for the update.

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