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Chrome, AWS, Pyston, 3DMark: Anything else?

Last updated on March 9, 2021

What else happened on November 2, 2020 in addition to the big news, in a nutshell.

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Chrome should have its own root certificate store : So far, Chrome / Chromium has used the CA certificates stored in the respective operating system to verify the TLS certificates of websites. Now, like Firefox, the browser should have its own root certificate store and no longer trust that of the operating system.

AWS is coming to Switzerland: Amazon Web Services will expand into Switzerland. The company wants to open three availability zones in which the AWS cloud can be used. However, this is only planned for the second half of 2022 , the company announced .

WebML for Google Meet: In its AI blog, Google explains how certain AI techniques can be implemented in its video conferencing solution Meet with the help of web technologies. The basis for this is the open source framework Mediapipe from Google.

Chromium package from Linux Mint: After a harsh dispute with the Ubuntu distributor , the Linux Mint team is now delivering a self-made Debian package for the Chromium browser . Linux Mint takes over most of the packages from Ubuntu, but called the Snap version of Chromium a "backdoor" and has therefore now created its own package.

Pyston 2.0 released: More than three years after the Dropbox sponsorship ended, the Pyston team released version 2.0 of its alternative Python implementation. This is based on the standard implementation of CPython, but uses a JIT compiler to speed it up.

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Battle Royale with bloodsuckers: The Sharkmob development studio has announced a Battle Royal multiplayer game in the world of Vampire – The Masquerade (World of Darkness). The official website does not reveal too many details yet, the release is planned for 2021.

Ray tracing test for 3DMark: Futuremark has published the DirectX ray tracing feature test . It measures the ray tracing performance without rasterization under Windows 10, using DXR Tier 1.1 with twelve samples per pixel.

Deutsche Telekom participates in NetID: Deutsche Telekom joins the login alliance NetID from ProSiebenSat.1, RTL and United Internet. From next year on, users will be able to log in directly to all NetID partner sites with their Telekom accounts. This was reported by the industry service WUV .

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