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CSR Racing 2 Adds Danica Patrick & Mark Webber In New Event

CSR Racing 2 is having a special new event that will feature prominent personalities in the racing scene, Danica Patrick and Mark Webber.

The two are legends in the sport and will be a part of the game’s new event called the America Series. Which focuses on a festival roadshow taking place in Los Derivas. If you’re unfamiliar with Los Derivas, that’s because it’s a fictional city within the game.

CSR Racing 2 is developed by Natural Motion Games, and is published by Zynga. Though the game is quite a few years old at this point, it still seems to be running strong. It’s also reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play. And it’s still being updated frequently, with the most recent update having been pushed out on April 20, 2021.

The CSR Racing 2 America Series event lasts through July

If you’re wanting to dive into this new event then you may want to do so as soon as possible. But not because you won’t have plenty of time to engage with it. Rather, you may want to get a head start as soon as you can because participating in the event will allow you to gain access to some special new cars.

The America Series will see the arrival of new vehicles you can acquire for your garage. This includes the free starter car, which is the Mustang RTR Spec 3. Eventually though players will have the opportunity to unlock more prestigious vehicles like the McLaren Senna GTR and the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition.

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It will also be possible to unlock the Mazda Furai. As well as other international super cars and an in-game official Indy Car. The America Series will be a multi-event that lasts through July. So there will be loads of chances to get stuff. There are also going to be 10 different events to compete in that are part of the America Series, with races taking place on seven different tracks across the US.

Players will need to compete in events to earn credits

To get these new cars, you need to compete in the events that are part of the America Series. This will earn you event credits. This event-specific currency can then be stacked up and exchanged for the in-game vehicles that are part of the event as well.

Danica Patrick and Mark Webber will be virtual hosts for the event over the course of its availability. So players will see their likenesses in the game during this time. If you want to participate in the event and don’t already have CSR Racing 2 installed, you can grab it from the Play Store button below.

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