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Daily Authority: 📦 Black Friday bonanza

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

📦 Happy Friday everyone! Today is Black Friday, which also means it’s an incredibly slow news day. Still, we’ve got a quick roundup of deals and a bit of the latest news to keep you up to date.

It’s Black Friday

Black Friday sales started earlier this week (and will continue into next week), but today is the day with the steepest discounts you’ll find. We have a hub full of deals that will be updated throughout the day, but here’s a selection of tech products worth picking up. Note that these deals are US-focused, but we have separate lists for Black Friday deals in the UK and in Canada.

Audio and streaming deals are also, well, streaming in. Both for devices and subscriptions.

Friday Fun

In something completely unrelated to tech deals or news, today is National Flossing Day. If you’re like me and floss once a year right before heading to the dentist’s office, let today help you build the habit.

  • The celebration only dates back to 2000, but flossing has a much longer history.
  • Dental floss was first patented by Johnson and Johnson way back in 1898. At the time, toothbrushes were still quite pricey.
  • Early floss was made of silk, with nylon replacing it after WWII.
  • The holiday was started to boost awareness of dental hygiene, which is very important for your overall health.
  • Humans have been brushing their teeth for thousands of years, with the oldest known model dating back to 3500 BCE.
  • It was found in a pharaoh’s tomb. It’s important to pack one for every trip, even to the afterlife!
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Stay minty fresh,

Nick Fernandez, Editor.