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Daylight Saving Time Tripped Up Some Pixels But There’s A Fix

Google Pixels are reportedly having some trouble with Daylight Saving Time (DST), reports indicate. That’s after several users of phones from the Pixel 4XL through the Pixel 5 pointed out the problem on Reddit. But, thankfully, there’s an easy enough fix to be found too. At least according to some users.

How did Google Pixels have an issue with Daylight Saving Time?

Now, the problem here is a fairly straightforward one but it appears in a few different ways. For instance, some users are noting that their smartphone clocks actually did skip forward to the correct time — for instance jumping from 1:59 to 3:00. But that they then jumped back to the incorrect time sometime later on.

Other users have said that their phone never showed the right time at all. Or that the wrong time was shown but the dedicated Clock app showed the right time.

More specifically, the time problems appear to be tied in with users who have set their phone to pull the correct time and date from their “network-provided time and the network-provided time zone.”

And, since that’s the default setting — tucked deep in the Settings app under “System” and then “Date & time” — it’s affecting a significant number of users.

Here’s the fix

For those who are noticing the issue, though, all is not lost. In fact, no contact with Google should even be necessary and the problem will fix itself, unlike some others. That’s for users who don’t simply leave their phones on at all times, only stopping use to charge them. And that is, in turn, because the fix appears to be a simple restart. Reddit users across the board note that doing so will set the correct time and date.

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So this bug won’t even require an update to fix. Or at least, not for now. Although, Google will hopefully fix the issue between now and the next time change.

To restart a Pixel phone, users need to long-press the physical power key located on the side of the handset. Then, in the resulting menu, a tap on “Restart” will get the process started.

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