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Discord gets custom Stream Deck hardware and a big plug-in upgrade


The new Discord plug-in for Stream Deck has some highly requested new features that improve audio control on PCs.

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Elgato is greatly improving its Discord plug-in for its Stream Deck and releasing custom Discord-branded hardware. The Discord plug-in on Stream Deck now integrates with Discord’s new soundboard and includes notification support for messages, improved volume control, and much more.

The soundboard integration works much like how Voicemod can display a literal soundboard on your Stream Deck. You can assign sounds to buttons and even search for sounds you’ve set up. Naturally, you’ll need to be a Discord Nitro subscriber to use the soundboard feature.

You can now use a button on a Stream Deck device to select the audio inputs or outputs on your PC, making it easy to switch between headphones and speakers. Elgato has also added a notifications action that will show how many messages are waiting for you on a Stream Deck button.

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If you’re used to fiddling with your friends’ audio volume because they’re either super loud or their microphone is just straight-up bad, Stream Deck now has user volume control actions. You can tap a button to change audio or even turn the dial on a Stream Deck Plus device. There’s also a new action to show server stats on a Stream Deck button, including new message count, recently active users, or online users. Finally, you can toggle between push-to-talk or voice activity modes using a single Stream Deck button, too.

While the plug-in is a great upgrade for Stream Deck and Discord users, Elgato is also releasing a Discord-branded Stream Deck and a Wave:3 microphone that’s also branded with the Discord logo and colors. Both the Wumpus Microphone and Wumpus Stream Deck are priced at $150 and available as a limited edition run.


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