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Discord Offers Premium Memberships For Server Monetization

Discord is making it possible to monetize servers, through the use of a new premium membership feature. Discord says it’s currently testing this new feature with a small, select group of creators and communities. Though it plans to eventually roll it out to more in the future.

While premium membership plans will be available a small group of Discord communities right now, Discord says that more communities may be allowed to test the feature in 2022. However, it says nothing so far about an expected time frame. So any communities that are interested will need to keep an eye out for potential access to future testing opportunities.

Discord is also not accepting any more requests for communities to join the test at this time.

A Discord premium membership will allow for gated servers & content

Discord says this has been a highly requested feature from creators and communities. And, it makes sense. It gives those communities a way to monetize their Discord servers and bring in some additional revenue.

A community with a premium membership in place will be able to gate certain parts of the server and its content behind the monthly fee. Or, Discord says the entire server can be put behind the paywall. So, what do users get if they subscribe?

That depends on the community. The owner of the community sets up the tiered incentives for users who choose to support the server through these premium memberships. Membership fees are monthly, and set up in tiers. So, paying more per month if there is an option, rewards with you with more stuff.

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Communities keep most of the revenue

Discord also notes that communities keep 90% of the revenue gained from a premium membership. While Discord itself keeps the remaining 10%. Obviously, this is a huge thing for communities with a ton of members. The more members you have, the more potential money you can make from premium membership subscriptions. Especially if some of those users choose to pay more per month.

Granted, you’ll need some high-value incentives. Without them, users may not be tempted to subscribe. It’s something worth keeping in mind if you plan to set these up once more communities are allowed to test them out.

Communities with premium memberships can also look at analytics to see how they’re doing. Allowing for any adjustment of incentives and/or pricing if needed.

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