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Disney+ Is Getting Its First Price Hike On March 26

Disney+ is getting a price hike on March 26. It’ll go from $6.99 per month to $7.99 per month. Not a huge hike in the price, and definitely expected with the amount of original content coming to the service this year.

This also raises the price of the Disney+ bundle. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Disney+ Bundle with Hulu (ad-supported) will be $13.99 per month. That’s a $1 increase, so you’re just paying the extra buck for Disney+ here. And if you want the Disney+ Bundle with Hulu (no ads) it’ll be $19.99 per month. Also a $1 increase.

Disney says that existing subscribers will see the increase on their first bill on or after 3/26/21.

How to avoid the Disney+ price increase, for now

So there is a way for you to avoid the Disney+ price hike, for at least a little while. If you purchased the annual package, then you won’t see the price increase until the annual package renews. So if you are on the monthly plan, you can switch to the annual plan and not have to deal with this price increase for almost a year. Which is really nifty.

Having said that, the annual plan is also jumping up in price to $79.99. That’s $10 more, but you are basically still getting two months free of Disney+. So it’s worth it to sign up for the annual plan anyways.

The price on Disney+ is going up, as it is offering more original content this year. Now that they are able to actually film new content. Most of its titles were delayed in 2020, due to the pandemic and not being able to film anything. But there is still Disney Premiere Access, meaning you won’t be able to watch movies the same day they hit the theater, without paying extra. That’s one area where HBO MAX is better than Disney+, but it’s also almost twice the price.

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