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Doogee DG Ares Is A New “Fashion-Focused” Smartwatch

The Doogee DG Ares is the company’s brand new smartwatch. Doogee says that this is its “classy fashion-focused” smartwatch. We don’t see that many smartwatches hit the market this year, so this one may interest some of you.


The Doogee DG Ares comes with a base made out of aluminum. Its aluminum alloy case is 100mm thick, and as you can see, this watch sports a square display. The thing is, its display is round.

Doogee opted for this interesting design language to stand out, probably. The Doogee DG Ares’ comes with two different types of straps, you can opt for leather, or modified silica gel straps.

The device comes in five different color variants, including green, black, red, gray, and rose gold.

Health / fitness

This watch has a number of health features. It is equipped with a heart rate monitor. The watch will allow you to check a lot of information, including BPM (Beats Per Minute), and a histogram as well. It will also show you your minimum and maximum heart rate over a period of time.

The Doogee DG Ares also comes with a blood oxygen monitor. It can measure your blood oxygen level and display results such as maximum and minimum blood oxygen levels over a period of time.

This smartwatch can also keep an eye on your sleep patterns, and provide you with statistics. It will show you the quality of your sleep, and how long were you awake during the night. All in all, it should help you improve your sleep.


The Doogee DG Ares supports 24 sports modes. Those modes range from ball sports, and outdoor sports, to indoor sports, and what Doogee refers to as “training”. You can check out all those modes in the table below.

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Other features

The Doogee DG Ares has a number of other features. It does support push notifications, in collaboration with your phone. It can essentially ping you with notifications that you receive on your smartphone, from various apps.

On top of that, it allows you to control the music on your phone, reject calls, fire up a stopwatch or a timer, and it can even serve as an alarm on your hand.

Availability, pricing, and a giveaway

The Doogee DG Ares is available to purchase on Lazada. It will also become available on AliExpress on September 27. The watch is priced at $31.99 on Lazada, in case you’re wondering.

The company also announced a giveaway. Doogee will give away 10 DG Ares smartwatches, you can click here to get more information about that.

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