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Download iPhone 13 & iPad Mini 6 Wallpapers To Your Android Device

As most of you know by now, Apple announced its new iPhone smartphones yesterday. The company announced the iPhone 13 series, and you can now grab the wallpapers that come pre-installed on those devices.

You can download iPhone 13 wallpapers to your Android smartphone / tablet

Once you download them, you can use them on any device you want, of course, including your Android smartphone or tablet. There are a bunch of wallpapers included here, and they do resemble one another. They’re exactly what you’d expect from Apple, abstract images consisting of shapes in different shades of color.

You’ll see two galleries included below the article. The first one shows wallpapers from the iPhone 13 (including the Mini), while the second one will show you wallpapers from the iPhone 13 Pro series. These wallpapers have been provided by Wccftech, they haven’t been officially shared, of course.

Do note that the wallpapers in the gallery have been compressed, though. They’re there just for you to see if you’re interested in the wallpaper pack or not. If you are, a download link is included below the article.

The iPad Mini 6 wallpapers are also available

That’s not all, though. The iPad Mini 6 was also got announced yesterday, and its wallpapers are also available. They’re a bit different from the ones from the iPhone. The iPad Mini 6 wallpapers are essentially all the same, in terms of the drawing, but they do come in different colors.

There is a separate gallery below for the iPad Mini 6 wallpapers, courtesy of iSpazio. The situation is the same as with the iPhone 13 wallpapers, those in the gallery are compressed. A separate download link is included below. Do note you’ll have to download one iPad Mini 6 wallpaper at a time, though.

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These wallpapers are surely not for everyone, but if you like that style, feel free to download them. The fitting won’t be perfect for your device, due to the resolution difference, but they can be slightly cropped to fit any phone / tablet.

Download iPhone 13 wallpapers

Download iPad Mini 6 wallpapers

iPhone 13 wallpapers:

iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers:

iPad Mini 6 wallpapers:

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