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Durability Doesn’t Seem To Be A Strong Suit Of The ROG Phone 5

If you’re a fan of durability tests, and wish to see how well the ROG Phone 5 holds up to abuse, your wish is granted. Thanks to JerryRigEverything over on YouTube, you get to see just what happens with the ROG Phone 5 if you apply the appropriate amount of force.

Spoiler alert, things don’t end well. Now to be fair, these types of scenarios are pretty unlikely for a mobile device. Especially one you’ve probably payed a good amount of money for. That is unless you don’t care about your things and just treat them like complete and utter garbage. Or with general negligence. In which case your phones and other devices might end up just the same as in the video below.

ROG Phone 5 durability is not as powerful as the performance

Accidents happen, so however unlikely it is that your device would take damage in the same way as in these tests, they serve a purpose. Which is to show you the possibilities of what you could expect if your ROG Phone 5 takes a tumble.

You may not be using your ROG Phone 5 near open flames. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be using it in high temperature conditions. And while you probably won’t attempt to bend your device in half, it’s good to know what will happen if it somehow ends up bent.

You might also want to know just how scratched the screen or the glass back become over long periods of use. What happens to the glass back on the ROG Phone 5 if it’s subjected to enough pressure? Well, basically the phone becomes as broken as the spirits of those you crush in your favorite online games. Perhaps more so.

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And that doesn’t necessarily bode well for ASUS. Because a lack of durability (or the perception of it) may cause some consumers to consider other options.

Flexible function, inflexible form

Really the biggest takeaway from the durability test should be to try and prevent your ROG Phone 5 from bending. The frame, unfortunately, doesn’t have a very flexible form and that likely caused it to bend more easily than some other devices would. Which led to the cracked glass on the back.

The device does however have flexible function. Since it can be a great option as just a phone, but it’s also the best option for mobile gaming right now. If you’re curious to see how the ROG Phone 5 holds up as a gaming device, check out our review of the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, which we called the ultimate mobile gaming machine.

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