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E-vino: Yamaha presents very light electric scooter

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The E-Vino from Yamaha weighs less than 70 kilos and should be correspondingly easy to manoeuvre – but the range is small.

The E-Vino from Yamaha
(picture: Yamaha)

Yamaha has introduced the E-Vino, a new electric scooter that should be particularly suitable for very short distances within the city. With its rechargeable battery (50 V, 10 Ah), the scooter should be able to cover 29 kilometres at a constant speed of 30 km/h – already in some large cities you can’t get to your destination and back with it.

That’s why the E-Vino is very light: With the battery, the vehicle weighs only 68 kilograms. The range can be doubled by carrying a second battery as a back-up – but then the weight increases, of course.

The engine output is 1.6 HP. There is a standard driving mode and a power mode. There is also a boost button for uphill driving, which increases the power for 30 seconds – but hill climbs are unlikely to be won with the E-Vino. With a turning circle of 1.8 meters and the low weight, the scooter should be quite easy to steer.

Battery full again in three hours

The battery should recharge within three hours. The E-Vino is designed by Yamaha for one passenger only – the relatively weak engine power might not be able to cope well with a second person. The E-Vino is 1.68 meters long and one meter high. The seat height is 71.5 cm. On the handlebars are a multifunction display and the controls.

The Yamaha E-Vino (Picture: Yamaha)

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In Japan, e-vino costs just under 260,000 yen including taxes, which is the equivalent of more than 2,100 euros. According to the website Ride Apart, Yamaha has also applied for a patent in Europe for the scooter – so it is conceivable that the E-Vino will be offered there as well. However, there is no official statement in this regard.

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