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Epic Finally Admits The Obvious: Fortnite’s Imposters Is An Among Us Clone

Among Us swept the nation last year when it saw a momentus surge in popularity. This prompted several companies to develop their own spins on the game’s concept; Epic Games being guilty of this with Fortnite’s “Imposters.” While the company didn’t want to admit that it’s an Among Us clone, it finally did so in its latest Fortnite patch notes.

What is ‘Imposters?’

By now, most people should be familiar with the main mechanics of Among Us; Epic Games is infinitely with them. The game mode has 10 players on a bridge. Of the 10 players, there are some among which can’t be trusted. Two of the people are imposters who are charged with the duty of eliminating the other players.

If this isn’t enough of a rip-off already, the other eight players have tasks that they need to complete to maintain the bridge. The round ends when every player finishes their tasks. It also ends if they all get eliminated.

While Imposters is full of Among Us’ DNA, there are some fun additions that Epic Games added in. Firstly, imposters have the ability to turn all of the characters into Peely the banana. This gives them a chance to slip away unnoticed. Along with that, imposters can teleport any player to any location on the map, confusing them.

Epic admits that Imposters is an Among Us clone in a brief overview

So yes, Imposters is a blatant Among Us clone. Epic Games took some heat for being “inspired” by Among Us, and not crediting Innersloth Developers. Epic didn’t so much as give a nod to the company, promting one Innersloth Developers co-founder to speak out about it back in August.

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Well, after two months, Epic finally offered its hand to assuage the situation. In Fortnite’s latest patch notes, the company gave a brief overview of the changes to Imposters. The overview reads “v18.20 brings improvements to Impostors, the game mode inspired by Among Us from Innersloth!”


In other Fortnite news: Fortnitemares is going on, and it includes a short film festival

October is the month for spooks, which is why Fortnite has its annual “Fortnitemares.” This is a month-long event where players can get halloween-inspired items. You can get outfits, skins, tools, and weapons each day of the month. We’re half-way through the month, so don’t miss your chance to get some cool gear.

During October, Fortnite is hosting its third shortfilm festival of the year. It’s an event where the company will be showing animated short films by indie animators. This event will take place in a custom Fortnite map that takes the form of a movie theater.

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