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Evernote Intros ‘Tasks’ Feature To Boost Your Productivity

Evernote has just announced a new feature called ‘Tasks’ in order to boost your productivity. The company says that “Tasks merges content with actions to help users stay on top of their daily lives.”

Evernote introduces ‘Tasks’ feature to supercharge your productivity

So, what is it, exactly? Well, Tasks is a feature that merges regular note-taking functions, that were already in Evernote, with new task capabilities. This feature should help you remember things, and accomplish more in general.

Evernote says that this feature came to being as a regular note-taking approach doesn’t really work as it should. A survey from YouGov shown that Americans do rely on task lists to get things done, but aren’t satisfied with how they’re managing them.

With Tasks, users have “a single place to capture information, actions, and decisions” in order to stay on top of things. This new feature basically brings Evernote closer to services like Trello and Asana, as you can basically set up your personal projects.

What makes Tasks different than regular to-do lists? Well, you can add due dates and reminders on top of everything. That is basically one of the main features of services like Asana and Trello, for getting things done.

You can set five separate reminders for a specific task

Evernote allows you to set up five separate reminders for a specific task, and even turn on notifications for that task especially. You can also flag individual tasks, if that’ll help your workflow.

You can sort your tasks by note title, due date, and flag status, whatever works best for you. You can such options from the navigation sidebar.

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Do note that this feature is now available on both mobile and desktop. It’s available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. It is an ‘Early Access’ feature, though, so keep that in mind. Evernote is basically testing this feature, but it’s making it available in the stable version of the app, for everyone.

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