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Face-Based Autorotation Spotted In Android 12 Developer Preview 2

Some indication that face-based autorotation is coming with Android 12 surfaced in the past. Well, thanks to Android 12 Developer Preview 2, that feature has more or less been confirmed.

Face-based autorotation spotted in Android 12 DP2, but it’s hidden

Mishaal Rahman spotted face-based autorotation in Android 12 Developer Preview 2, even though it’s hidden. This toggle is hidden behind a flag, and once enabled, it pops up in the ‘Display’ section of ‘Settings’, as you can see in the image below.

The feature doesn’t seem to be working, though. This does indicate that Google is working on it, though, and that it will probably make an appearance in the final build of Android 12. It may even be working sooner than that, maybe even with the next Developer Preview.

So, what does this feature do? Well, it’s basically smart screen orientation based on your face position. This feature will help you avoid accidental screen rotations, which is always a good thing.

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 started rolling out yesterday, and ever since that happened, new information has been popping up. New information is being revealed based on Android 12 code on a daily basis.

One-handed mode is finally coming

This new update did show off Google’s one-handed mode in all its glory. Google is finally adding a one-handed mode to Android, following a lot of other OEMs who had it for years.

The company also introduced some changes to the media player. The media player will now be able to match system colors. When the rumored theming system becomes functional, the media player will be ready.

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Android 12 will be quite an exciting update. Google plans to add quite a few features, it seems, while the design will change a bit as well. It won’t be your regular, iterative update. If you’d like to know more about Android 12 Developer Preview 2, click here.

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