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Facebook Is Making Monetary Changes, Testing Stickers As Stories Ads

Facebook is testing a way to allow creators using its Stories feature to earn money via ads designed to look like stickers. The new tool would reportedly be open to a wide swath of users, although definitely not all.

The stickers are, as of this writing, still in the initial testing phases. Moreover, it’s being conducted on a scale that Facebook describes as “very small.” In fact, it isn’t even able to share partners at this point. And that’s in terms of both advertising partners and creators. But, generally speaking, the concept is intended to give advertisers a more natural place to fit content for viewers.

An example of how that might work was provided to the source by Facebook’s director of product management, Yoav Arnstein. The director indicates that, for instance, a video from Yosemite National Park might feature a sticker advertising local businesses for the area. With the overarching goal of ensuring contextual relevance.

Details about the aesthetics of Facebook ads as stickers are effectively nonexistent

Now, Facebook hasn’t detailed exactly how the stickers will appear online or in its app. Or any details about exactly how testers are being chosen, let alone any details about when the program might be expanded. That’s if it ends up working out at all. But it has introduced several other key changes to how in-stream ads work for short videos.

For starters, videos that are shorter than three-minutes can now be monetized with ads. For a one-minute video, the ads will be placed halfway through. Secondary to that, videos longer than three minutes can have ads added as early as after 45-seconds from the video’s start.

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Of course, that comes with caveats of its own. Qualifying for those ads requires that a given page has over 600,000 total minutes of viewed content from video uploads. That includes on-demand, live, and previously live content. All of that time needs to have been within the prior 60 days. Five or more active video uploads or previously live videos are also required. And live video creators need 60,000 live minutes viewed in the prior 60 days to monetize.

Facebook is expanding its reach here too

There are other changes coming for Facebook on the monetary front too. That’s all aside from Facebook ads as stickers and aside from expanding on which videos can be monetized. For instance, the company revealed that it is spending $7 million to promote its Stars feature.

To begin with, Facebook is expanding paid live events to no fewer than 24 additional countries. It doesn’t plan on collecting revenue from that either, until at least August. The same holds for its expansion of fan subscriptions to 10 more countries. Which does separate Facebook, even if only for a time, from some other platforms. And that change should, at the very least, help the company hold its position as the top social network.

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