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Fairphone Takes An Eco-Friendly Approach to Sell Phones By Subscription

Fairphone is one of the latest smartphone manufacturers that decide to sell its smartphones by subscription. However, the company is taking an eco-friendly approach that helps save the environment and reduce producing electronic garbage.

The program is called “Fairphone Easy,” and it is designed for hometown customers only, the Netherlands. While you might not be eligible to use the program or are not even interested in Fairphone products, it’s worth knowing about it.

As per the company announcement, the “Fairphone Easy” program is available from €21 a month if you choose the five-year plan. However, if you can keep the phone longer and damage-free, you can be eligible for getting two, four, and eight euro reductions in the monthly price.

Fairphone repairs the broken phones or gives a new device

Customers can also receive free repairs and replacements. Once a phone owner delivers his device for repair, he gets a refurbished replacement device within 48 hours. Fairphone now evaluates the phone and decides whether to repair it or use its functioning components as spare parts for other repairs. Then, the repaired phone is given to other subscribers that have a broken phone. The circle continues.

Customers can get a Fairphone 4 with 256GB of storage through the subscription plan. The device also comes with a screen protector pre-applied and a case. A lifetime warranty is also given.

The customers who choose a 60-month plan at €21 a month should pay €996. Also, there are no free product upgrades to a new model. This circular approach is a great idea for reducing the amount of electronic waste. “At the end of the phone’s life, Fairphone will make sure it is properly recycled. This way it won’t become e-waste, or end up in a drawer where its valuable materials cannot be utilized.” the company noted.

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However, it is not a plan for everyone, and few customers tend to use it. Besides the environmental benefits, customers can also avoid unexpected repair costs.

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