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Fiat 500 Hey Google Family Announced With Google Assistant Tweaks

Fiat has announced the 500 Hey Google family of cars today, and it has the “Hey Google” branding as well as Google Assistant built-in.

And yes, it does sound weird. Since every Android Auto car does have Google Assistant built-in. But with the Fiat 500 Hey Google series, you’re getting a few more tweaks and cool voice controls that others cars don’t have.

Both Google and Fiat have released blog posts about this new series of cars. Which consists of three 500 series vehicles. It is essentially a limited edition of the classic Fiat 500.

What makes the Fiat 500 Hey Google family unique?

You can ask the Google Assistant for key vehicle information, like what’s your fuel level. You can also ask to turn on or off the headlights, and also control the in-car entertainment system. Among many other things.

Fiat has also made these cars unique, in terms of looks. There are “Hey Google” badges and Google’s colorful dots are all over the three Fiat 500 models – Fiat 500, 500L and 500X. There are also “Hey Google” tags on each headrest.

All three vehicles also include a 7-inch touchscreen with the Google Assistant built-in. It can also connect directly to the Fiat Mopar Connect system so you can access vehicle information and stats on your smartphone, tablet or smart display. You can also check where you parked your car, how many miles you drove that day and much more.

Unfortunately, there’s no plans for the Fiat 500 Hey Google series to come to the US. Instead, it will be launching in ten European countries. These include Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland. And if you do buy one of these models, you’ll get a sweet goodie bag with all kinds of swag included. Including a Fiat-branded Nest Hub, key cover, and a canvas bag.

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There’s no word on pricing just yet.

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