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Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Gets Release Date & New Class

Square Enix has officially announced a release time frame for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. A mobile-based battle royale game set in the universe of Final Fantasy VII.

Earlier this year the studio held a closed beta for the game. Letting players try it out for the first time prior to its launch. The beta didn’t last too long and left many players wanting more. In a post on the game’s official Twitter, Square Enix confirmed that the official release window for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is in November.

These new details were initially revealed last week during the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Square Enix then reiterated those details via social media for anyone that happened to miss the show.

Players can soon pre-register for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier before release

If you missed the beta that happened earlier this year, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be another one before the launch. But that isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

Square Enix recently noted that it will begin pre-registration for the game this month. Stating on Twitter that it plans to start pre-registration in October. It doesn’t exactly say when in October, though. Alongside that, this is simply the plan. And it’s always possible for plans to go awry.

With that in mind, players can expect pre-registration to begin sometime this month, but they shouldn’t be surprised if things get pushed out. Especially given the state of how many game delays there have been in 2021. As for the release date of the game, Square Enix is aiming for a launch in November. Again though, it doesn’t give a specific date, just the month.

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Ninja will be a new job class within the game

During the beta, there were four job classes that players were able to try out. Square Enix calls them Styles in this game, and the fifth style was revealed on October 3 as part of a new trailer. That fifth style will be the Ninja, allowing for players to have superior mobility and special ninjutsu skills to help move around the map and take down opponents.

If you resonate with characters like Yuffie, this is the style you’ll want to play when Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier becomes available. The game will launch for Android and iOS, and it will be cross-platform. Square Enix also has no plans to release the game for PC or consoles.

Square Enix has confirmed that it will support controllers though. So at the very least playing can feel like it’s on PC or consoles.

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